Kathleen Kennedy Reportedly Accepts Severance Pay from Disney; Lucasfilm Exit Still Happening

Star Wars

Star Wars

It goes without saying that Kathleen Kennedy is one of the most polarizing executives in Hollywood and a lot of fans have put the blame on her for nearly destroying the Star Wars franchise. Of course, most of you are well aware that Kennedy was mainly responsible for the creative decisions made throughout the sequel trilogy which didn't sit well with longtime followers of the franchise.

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There have been conflicting reports surrounding Kennedy's status as Lucasfilm boss, with the latest rumor suggesting that she's safe from getting axed, especially now that Bob Iger, the man who hired her in the first place is back as the House of Mouse CEO.

Previous reports claim that Kennedy is just finishing up her obligations with Lucasfilm with Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny being her final project before stepping down. Now, a new report reaffirms Kathleen's rumored exit from the company. According to producer Kamran Pasha (via Bounding Into Comics), Kennedy has accepted a massive severance pay from Disney to step down as Lucasfilm President.

The authenticity of the rumor remains unconfirmed but Pasha claims that big-shot news outlets like Variety, Deadline, and The Hollywood Reporter have also gotten word about her exit but are choosing not to report it just yet.

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Of course, this isn't the first time Kennedy has been rumored to be leaving Lucasfilm so despite all the reports that have been circulating online, it's still best to take things with a huge grain of salt. I gotta say though, with Iger being reappointed as Disney's main chief, I don't buy into the whole rumor. If anything, it only reinforces their working partnership but whether or not it'll be good for the brand remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, you can get your Star Wars fix — from films to series exclusively on Disney+.

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