Kate Pearson Net Worth: See the Life and Career of the This Is Us Star

Credit: Nicki Swift/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Nicki Swift/YouTube Screenshot

Thanks to the success of This Is Us, Kate Pearson's fame has come to a new height. But aside from incredible fame, the show also helped her rake in a huge amount of money.

So, get to know more about Pearson's career and the net worth she has amassed.

Kate Pearson's Career

Before the 42-year-old star made it big on the small screens, she used to be the vocalist of her own band, Chrissy and the Vapors.

She started her career in 2005, and it was in 2016 that she began doing This Is Us, which earned her critical acclaim and Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations.

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She also appeared in American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Come 2018, it was announced that she would star in the movie Breakthrough with producer DeVon Franklin.

In 2021, Pearson lent her voice to a character in Muppets' Haunted Mansion.

Kate Pearson's Salary and Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Pearson used to earn $250,000 per This Is Us salary. So, with 18 episodes per season, she likely earned $4.5 million each season.

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Hence, she now has a $7 million net worth, which largely comes from her TV show's salary.

Kate Pearson's Valentine's Day Gift

Pearson has the greatest Valentine's Day gift, which she worked on with her boyfriend, Bradley Collins.

The couple wrote the children's book When I Talk to God, I Talk About You, dropping on February 14.

"It's gonna look like a book tour in New York City," Bradley exclusively told E! News at the 30th Annual Movieguide Awards on February 10. "We're flying back to L.A. on Valentine's Day, but I have some stuff in the city. I can't give it away yet."

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He also discussed what it was like working on the book, which accompanied a lullaby album, Pray for This Day, with his girlfriend.

"Writing the book was a lot of fun because we really talked a lot about our childhood and got to know each other through it," Bradley continued. "Her voice is so incredible, and it just really brought all the characters from the book to life. It complements each other; the whole book is about finding your purpose."

Alternatively, Pearson said this project wasn't just a passion but a message she hoped to share with everyone.

"I think so much of the way that we walked through the world is through faith and prayer and that for us, it's always been really instrumental," she said. "So we were like, 'How do we impart that on young people' and bolster them with self-confidence and self-esteem, but also that you can have a connection with a higher power."

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