Kate Middleton Shock: Princess Diana’s Sapphire Engagement Ring Reportedly Has Mystical Powers, Part of Royal’s ‘Superstitious’ History

Credit: Real Royalty/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Real Royalty/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Middleton is the new owner of Princess Diana's blue sapphire engagement ring. Prince William gave the gem to him when he proposed. The bling reportedly has a superstitious history.

Kate Middleton And Princess Diana's Engagement Ring History

The stone used in Princess Diana's engagement ring is sapphire. The bling is now under the care of the new Princess of Wales.

While sapphire is stunning, it reportedly has a rich history.

"Princess Diana's (now Kate Middleton's) engagement ring has a stunning sapphire, but it's not just for decoration," Steven Baker told Express.

"Royal jewellery has shone with gemstones that possess 'Mystical Powers' since the Middle Ages. Mainly sapphires are renowned for strengthening fidelity and commitment as well as bringing stability and prosperity to the financial situation."

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Baker added that other royals also picked the same stone due to its history.

"On her wedding day, the superstitious Queen Victoria also wore a sapphire," he continued.

When Victoria came to the throne, it was an era steeped with superstitious beliefs. Some of which are still held by the members of the firm.

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Raissa Bailey added that the royals tend to be superstitious when it comes to their jewelry collection up to this day.

"The superstitious nature of many royals and the gems they adorn dates back to medieval times when the stones were believed to hold certain properties or characteristics," Bailey, the Creative Director of the Bradford Exchange, told Express.

"Rubies are long associated with protection, sapphires with devotion, and emeralds with prosperity."

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Prince Harry Denied Giving Princess Diana's Engagement Ring To Prince William For Kate Middleton

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Previous reports claimed that Prince Harry did a selfless act to Prince William and Kate Middleton by giving their mom Princess Diana's engagement ring to his big brother for his proposal. However, no matter how sentimental the story was, Prince Harry said it was not true.

"Soon after we returned to Britain, the Palace announced that Willy was going to marry. News to me. All that time together in Lesotho, he'd never mentioned it," the Duke of Sussex said, pointing out that he wasn't aware about Prince William's proposal to his sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

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"The papers published florid stories about the moment I realized Willy and Kate were well matched and the moment I appreciated the depth of their love. Thus decided to gift Willy the ring I'd inherited from Mummy, the legendary sapphire, a tender moment between brothers, a bonding moment for all three of us, and absolute rubbish."

Prince Harry said, "none of it ever happened." He added that the ring was not his to give in the first place.

"I never gave Willy that ring because it wasn't mine to give. He already had it. He'd asked for it after Mummy died, and I'd been more than happy to let it go."

What can you say about the superstitious story behind Kate Middleton and Princess Diana's engagement ring?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Kate Middleton.

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