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Kate Middleton Shock: Prince William’s Wife Had A Secret Meeting With Chelsy Davy? Duchess Allegedly Prefers Prince Harry’s Ex-Girlfriend Over Meghan Markle

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Kate Middleton and Chelsy Davy knew each other through Prince Harry, but there’s no indication that they were ever close. In fact, royal author Katie Nicholl previously said that Davy is closer to Middleton’s younger sister, Pippa Middleton because the two hung out occasionally. However, the Duchess of Cambridge and Davy are reportedly less friendly toward each other.

“They got off to an inauspicious start when Kate offered to take Chelsy shopping on the King’s Road the last time she was in London. When Chelsy, whose sense of style is very different from Kate’s, snubbed the invitation, Kate was said to be offended,” Nicholl said.

The royal author also penned an article for Vanity Fair in 2010, where she described Middleton and Davy’s relationship as frosty.

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Kate Middleton, Chelsy Davy Still Close Years After Prince Harry Split

However, New Idea, in its Feb. 21 issue, claimed otherwise. In fact, the publication said that not only are Middleton and Davy close, the former also prefers the latter over Meghan Markle.

An unnamed source also claimed that Middleton and Davy were thick as thieves when Prince Harry was still dating the latter.

“They always attended events together when they were dating William and Harry. As they navigated the choppy waters of royal life, Chelsy and Kate were often seen sticking to each other like glue at parties, preferring to enjoy their own company rather than spending too much time with the society snobs that attended these events. At the time, Kate quietly thought Harry made the biggest mistake of his life in letting her go,” the unnamed source said.

Chelsy Davy Helps Kate Middleton, Prince William Plan Their Africa Trip

So, even after Prince Harry and Davy split, Middleton still stayed in touch with the latter.

“Kate was delighted to see Chelsy at Harry’s wedding. And given things were already tense with his bride Meghan Markle, she must have had a tinge of wistfulness about what could have been if he’d married Chelsy,” the unnamed source said.

The two women are allegedly so close to the point that Davy is helping Prince William and Middleton plan their upcoming trip to Africa. After all, Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend runs a luxury travel service in the country.

Chelsy Davy Misses Kate Middleton’s Brother-In-Law

While planning the couple’s trip, Middleton and Davy couldn’t allegedly stop talking about Prince Harry. Since it’s been years since the exes split, there are allegedly so many things to catch up on.

“There aren’t many people in the world who know Harry as well as Chelsy does and even she’s noticed a dramatic change in him since he met Meghan. He no longer seems like the cheeky guy she fell in love with, who was close to his family. She doesn’t know this moody man, who moved overseas to make barbed comments about his brother and father in the media. Even though they’re long over, Chelsy will always love him and she’s concerned about him. Catching up with her old friend Kate to get the real story is long overdue,” the unnamed source concluded.

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Kate Middleton, Chelsy Davy Are Not Close

However, there’s no indication that Middleton and Davy had a secret meeting. And it’s not also true that the two women spoke about Prince Harry at great lengths.

Davy has long moved on from Prince Harry and she’s been dating someone for the past couple of years.

In 2011, there was one rare occasion wherein Middleton and Davy stuck to each other like glue. This happened during their first meeting with Queen Elizabeth, according to Express.

Prince William and Prince Harry took their partners to meet Her Majesty at the time. But after this encounter, there was no indication that Middleton and Davy hung out ever again.

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