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Kate Middleton Shock: Prince Harry Reportedly Received Inappropriate Christmas Gift From Prince William's Wife

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Kate Middleton knew how to pick the perfect Christmas gift, according to the royal tradition. She reportedly once gave her brother-in-law, Prince Harry, an inappropriate but hilarious present.

Kate Middleton Gave Prince Harry A Hilarious Christmas Present

This Christmas, it's unlikely that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will fly to the U.K. and join Prince Harry's family for the holidays, given their strained relationship, especially after the Sussexes' Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan. However, years ago, the royals had a fun time with Middleton's Christmas present for Prince William's younger brother.

The Princess of Wales, who had a close relationship with her brother-in-law, once gifted him a wildly inappropriate present that made the family burst into laughter. Apparently, the future queen consort gave the Duke of Sussex a grow-your-own girlfriend kit following a string of high-profile relationships, Express reported.

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To make things funnier, Prince Harry had to open it up in front of the entire royal family, including his late grandmother Queen Elizabeth.

King Charles

Prince Harry received the gag gift years before he met his wife, Meghan Markle.

Middleton's choice of gift for Prince Harry was perfect based on the royal family's holiday tradition. The British royal family's celebration usually involves a black tie dinner, a church service on Christmas day, and an exchange of hilarious gag gifts.

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What Were The Other Christmas Presents Kate Middleton Gave To The Members Of The Royal Family

Although the future queen consort was so good at choosing a gag gift, not all her presents were silly. She once brought a bottle of Floris perfume for the Queen and a beanie hat for her husband, Prince William, Grazia magazine reported. She also made the Queen a chutney on their first Christmas together.

"I can remember being at Sandringham, for the first time, at Christmas. And I was worried what to give the Queen as her Christmas present. I was thinking, 'Gosh, what should I give her?'" the Duchess of Cambridge said in a documentary made in honor of the Queen's 90th birthday, Town & Country reported.

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"I thought back to what I would give my own grandparents. And I thought, 'I'll make her something,' which could have gone horribly wrong. But I decided to make my granny's recipe of chutney."

The old Middleton family recipe is for marrow chutney — a kind of fruity condiment that many pair with cheese or bread. And it seemed that the Queen was pleased with it because it was served the next day.

"I was slightly worried about it, but I noticed the next day that it was on the table. I think such a simple gesture went such a long way for me and I've noticed since she's done that on lots of occasions and I think it just shows her thoughtfulness, really, and her care in looking after everybody," Middleton added.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Kate Middleton.

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