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Kate Middleton, Prince William Will Insist on Doing Things Their Way? Prince and Princess of Wales Could Change Royal Tours, Expert Claims

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Prince William and Kate Middleton were promoted to Prince and Princess of Wales when King Charles ascended the throne. They are taking on more royal duties and may make some changes in the way royal tours are being carried, according to an expert.

Prince William And Kate Middleton To Change Royal Tours?

The Prince and Princess have done countless royal tours. However, according to an expert, the itinerary hardly changes from year to year — it's basically the same.

"I have been covering royal tours for more than 30 years. In that time the format has rarely changed," royal biographer Robert Jobson told Mirror.

He noted that the itinerary usually includes shaking hands, walkabouts, attending formal dinners, delivering speeches and visiting hospitals and schools.

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However, the Prince William at 40 author was convinced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might "stamp their personalities" and "insist on doing their way" to modernise royal tours.

"The overseas visits are not organised by the royals themselves, although they have some input, but largely at the behest of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, or in the case of Realms, by the host country themselves," he said.

"If they insist – or at least strongly desire - the royal principal riding in a vintage Landrover at a passing out parade once used by the Queen in bygone colonial times, as happened to William and Kate, nine times out of ten it will happen."

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Prince William And Kate Middleton Received Intense Backlash During Caribbean Tour

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may want to voice out their opinions in their future royal tours. Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas for their week-long Caribbean tour in March.

They raised eyebrows when they recreated Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's military parade in Jamaica on a Land Rover. Many didn't like it because it reportedly brought back colonialism.

However, according to Simon Perry, who was among the press accompanying the royal couple during the tour, it was the host country that requested the Prince and Princess of Wales to do the Jamaican military parade that many criticized.

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"I thought looking uncomfortable at times — rode away from a Jamaican military parade standing high in the back of a Land Rover," Perry wrote for People. "To be fair, the couple was boxed in by certain elements governing a Jubilee tour — such as military parades and callbacks to Queen Elizabeth's earlier visits — as well as requests from the host countries (it was the Jamaican military who requested they ride from the ceremony standing in the Land Rover)."

With Prince William and Kate Middleton adding their personalities to their future royal tours, they might be able to avoid controversies. Let's see.

The couple is bound to visit Boston next month.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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