Kate Middleton, Prince William Shocked: BBC Presenter Amol Rajan Calls Cambridges 'Total Fraud' But Deeply Regrets It

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Kate Middleton and Prince William were previously slammed by the BBC presenter who hosted the network's recent documentary The Princes and the Press, Amol Rajan.

The journalist's previous comments resurfaced because many felt that the new BBC show trashed the royal family and favored Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


Kate Middleton and Prince William Called 'Total Fraud'

In 2012, Rajan attacked the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in an article for the Independent. His remarks were made before he joined BBC and after Prince William and Kate Middleton announced that they were expecting their first baby, Prince George.

Rajan called out the Cambridges to "renounce the luxuries of royal patronage and aristocracy." He also described the royal couple as a "total fraud," Express reported.

"Neither of you have a special claim on the glorious city of Cambridge, so quit pretending that you do," he added.

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In another column on the Diamond Jubilee in January 2012, Rajan also slammed Prince Philip. He called the late Duke of Edinburgh a "racist buffoon" and Prince Charles "scientifically illiterate."

Apparently, he wasn't a fan of the royal family. He had been slamming the members of the firm, except for Her Majesty.

"Aside from the Queen - whose public image is crafted by an ever-expanding team of propagandists - this clan is unusually full of fools," he added.


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Kate Middleton And Prince William's Critic Apologized

Amol Rajan received intense backlash online after the public learned how critical he had been toward the royal family. His previous columns slamming the members of the royal family convinced many that his documentary The Princes and the Press was indeed biased against the firm.

Rajan immediately took to Twitter and apologized for his previous write-ups.

"In reference to very reasonable questions about some foolish commentary from a former life, I want to say I deeply regret it. I wrote things that were rude and immature and I look back on them now with real embarrassment, and ask myself what I was thinking, frankly," he tweeted.

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"I would like to say sorry for any offence they caused then or now. I’m completely committed to impartiality and hope our recent programmes can be judged on their merits," he added in a subsequent tweet.

Stay tuned for more updates about Kate Middleton, Prince William, and the other members of the royal family.

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