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Kate Middleton, Prince William Shock: Prince Harry’s Spare Reportedly Targets the Prince and Princess of Wales Not King Charles

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Kate Middleton and Prince William are the ones who should be weary with Prince Harry's upcoming memoir, Spare, according to a report. The Duke of Sussex's upcoming book will reportedly burn the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Prince Harry Goes After Prince William And Kate Middleton In Spare?

Next week, Prince Harry's anticipated book will finally be out. However, some sources claimed that the heir to the throne and his wife might not like its contents, with some suggesting that it would attack the Waleses.

"At the heart of this book lies a sibling rivalry between little brother and big brother," an anonymous source told The Sun. "It will reveal Harry's bitterness and feelings of unfairness that by the nature of hierarchy and birthright that he always played second fiddle to older William."

"The falling out is to be covered in the book in detail and what aggravates is it's not an outsider revealing these private moments — it's Harry giving his one-sided account of family affairs. Harry and William were meant to stick together and support each other."

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Another source who spoke with The Sunday Times seemingly echoed the same sentiment. The tipster said it would be worse for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge than King Charles.

"Generally, I think the book [will be] worse for them than the Royal Family is expecting," the insider said. "Everything is laid bare. Charles comes out of it better than I expected, but it's tough on William in particular, and even Kate gets a bit of a broadside."

"There are these minute details, and a description of the fight between the brothers. I personally can't see how Harry and William will be able to reconcile after this."

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Kate Middleton Felt Betrayed By Prince Harry After Harry & Meghan

Prince Harry used to be so close to his big brother Prince Harry and sister-in-law Kate Middleton. The Princess of Wales was reportedly the sister he never had.

However, an insider told Us Weekly that Prince William's brother and wife are not on good terms. Middleton reportedly felt betrayed by what the Duke of Sussex said about the family in his and Meghan Markle's Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan.

"Kate feels hurt and betrayed that Harry would do this to her too, especially as the pair used to be so close," the source told the outlet.

Meanwhile, the heir to the throne has no plans to address the Sussexes' allegations. Prince William reportedly planned to focus on his royal duties.

"William isn't planning to give his side of the story or openly retaliate. He's remaining dignified and is getting on with the job," the insider continued.

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Kate Middleton Supports Husband Prince William Amid Falling Out With Prince Harry

Royal expert Katie Nicholl told OK! (via The News) that Middleton is giving her full support to her husband after Prince Harry stepped back from their royal duties. The New Royals author said the Prince and Princess of Wales are a "brilliant team."

"We've seen Kate as a solo act increasingly over recent years and she's very capable on her own and very happy, but they're also a very effective and powerful double act, so while I think we'll see a lot of this, I do think we will see more of Kate coming out on her own as the new Princess of Wales in 2023," Nicholl said.

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"He's lost his support act in Harry, but he really recognises that he has an invaluable support act in Kate," she continued.

"I think they are equally proud of each other but they've really needed to be there for each other over these last couple of years and I think Kate has been a huge support at a time when he really needed it. It's largely down to a very supportive partner in William and they're very happy and they're a very good team together, but she's also got the support of her family."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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