Kate Middleton, Prince William Divorce Rumors 2022: Royal Couple's Marriage Falling Apart Despite Having A Strong Front? Duchess Reportedly Caught Husband Cheating Again

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Kate Middleton and Prince William are among the most looked-up-to members of the royal family. Not only are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge praised for their exemplary works as they are also adored for having a life anyone could ever wish for: a happy and healthy family.

However, the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William has been hounded with numerous speculations, especially after the son of Princess Diana was reported to have cheated on his own wife. It was claimed that the Duke of Cambridge had an affair with Rose Hanbury, a close pal of Kate.

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Because of this, Kate Middleton and Prince William were predicted to end their marriage with a $250 million divorce. Keep on reading to know more details.

Is Kate Middleton Dumping Prince William Following The Cheating Allegations?

Globe Magazine, in an article published in November 2020, claimed that Kate Middleton was leaving Prince William after allegedly catching him back in contact with Rose Hanbury. The Duke of Cambridge reportedly sent his rumored mistress a Christmas card at the time.

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The royal couple allegedly had a “furious fight” because of that, leaving Kate Middleton and Prince William’s marriage “hanging by a thread.” An unnamed source even told the entertainment news outlet that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are being ripped apart by the said cheating crisis despite maintaining a strong front.

The alleged affair of Prince William and Rose Hanbury reportedly forced Kate Middleton to consult with divorce lawyers. However, the brother of Prince Harry allegedly dodged the cheating allegations because he “laughed off the claims and denied any wrongdoing.”

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Though their marriage “survived” to live another day, Kate Middleton was said to be “furious” after learning about Prince William’s continued affair that she “exploded” at her husband and demanded to know how he could humiliate her like that.

The unidentified insider stated:

“Kate reminded him she’d cut off all contact with Rose after the scandal – and thought he had too. Now, she’s tortured by fears William’s been cheating right under her nose.”

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Did Prince William Beg Kate Middleton To Forgive Him?

The same tipster claimed that Kate Middleton was “devastated” after she found out that Prince William gave Rose Hanbury a Christmas Card. It claimed:

“Kate was devastated to learn William put Rose on his Christmas card list! He insisted there was nothing to it — he only wanted to send festive wishes — and vehemently denied an affair.”

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Because of that, Prince William allegedly “begged” Kate Middleton to forgive his indiscretion. However, the informant said it was a little too late since the Duchess of Cambridge is said to be “thinking long and hard about their future” already.

The source furthered:

“Everyone’s praying William and Kate stay together. They have three kids they adore, but a $250 million divorce isn’t out of the question.”

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National Enquirer previously reported that the drinking habits of Prince William were out of control and have been affecting his marriage with Kate Middleton already. The alleged boozing habits of the Duke of Cambridge allegedly included a few beers after getting off of work topped with a few glasses of wine.

The said drinking habit reportedly affected Prince William’s sleep, exercise, and royal duties when he allegedly canceled an event to go get drunk with friends. Life & Style also claimed that parenting disagreements have also affected the marriage of Kate Middleton and her husband.

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Kate Middleton reportedly said Prince William was not being helpful at home with chores, haircuts, homeschooling, and other parenting duties. The Duchess of Cambridge allegedly lashed out at her husband who seemed to be okay with their three kids – George, Charlotte, and Louis – wreaking havoc across the house.

Up until now, neither Kate Middleton nor Prince William has responded to these divorce rumors hounding their marriage for quite some time now. However, it is worth noting that the royal couple appears to be very happy with their lives right now, together with their children. So, devoted supporters of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge should take all these unverified claims with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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