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Kate Middleton Popular Among Older People and Men? Many Like Prince William’s Wife Because She’s ‘A Good Little Girl’, Royal Commentator Claims

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Kate Middleton is liked by many because she is traditional. Prince William's wife is way more popular than her sister-in-law Meghan Markle in the United Kingdom.

The Princess of Wales has been one of the very popular members of the royal family. A poll conducted by YouGov even showed the Duchess of Cambridge as the most popular royal after the late Queen Elizabeth.

Her Majesty had a popularity rating score of 77%. Prince William's wife followed close in the second spot with an approval rating of 66%, Showbiz Cheatsheet reported.

A poll earlier this year also showed that Middleton is more popular than Markle, even in the United States. She has an approval rating of 68.2%, making her twice as popular as the Duchess of Sussex, who only received a 31% favorable score, according to The Sun.

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"Kate has become an even bigger superstar without ever setting foot here," American royal commentator Christopher Andersen said. "She embodies everything Americans expect in a princess destined to become Queen — beauty, grace, regal bearing and the ability to connect."

He added that no matter what the royals scandal that hit the firm, Middleton "sails above it all."

On the other hand, Markle and Prince Andrew were among the least popular royals. Markle had an approval rating of 27%, while Prince Andrew scored 8%.

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Why Older People And Men Like Kate Middleton?

A panel discussed Meghan Markle's podcast Archetypes on Talk TV. Royal commentator Daisy McAndrew weighed in on Middleton's popularity in certain demographics — older people and men. For her, people tend to gravitate toward the Duchess of Cambridge because she follows the Queen's mantra — "never complain, never explain."

"One of the reasons Katherine is so popular amongst certain demographics, and I'm going to say older people and men, is because she says absolutely nothing," said McAndrew. "She's a good little girl who keeps quiet and doesn't tell, doesn't complain, doesn't do anything. She doesn't rock the boat and is a very traditional, old-fashioned, mute woman."

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On the other hand, Markle has received various criticisms for speaking up her mind and opening up about her family issues to the public.

"She's utterly clueless," Megyn Kelly said on GB News. "I am so sick of her tired, off-point, irrelevant musings about her non-problems. On a countrywide basis, we have people who cannot afford Thanksgiving turkeys. The cost of them has gone so high. They can't pay their gas and electric bills. They cannot buy gas, they cannot buy food the way they used to at the grocery store. And we're supposed to give a damn whether somebody's calling her the b-word or difficult, and we don't. She doesn't get it; no one gives a damn about these non-problems."

Do you agree that Kate Middleton is more popular than Meghan Markle? What do you like most about the new Princess of Wales?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Kate Middleton.

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