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Kate Middleton Heartbreak: Prince William’s Wife Accused Of Being Too Thin, Not Eating By Body Shamers? Duchess Reportedly Hurt Over Rude Comments

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Middleton has always been thin all her life, but some body shamers have not shied away from accusing her of not eating and of not being healthy.

Last month, sources revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge managed to maintain her slender frame because she eats healthily and exercises regularly.

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Kate Middleton Offended By All The Comments About Her Body

OK! magazine, in its Feb. 7 issue, claimed that all the comments about Kate Middleton’s body have gotten into her head. An unnamed source said that Prince William’s wife thinks that it’s rude to comment on her body especially since she knows for a fact that she’s healthy.

“It’s frustrating for Kate because she’s always been very fit and slim. Kate is very active but that hasn’t stopped people from accusing her of being unhealthy. It’s offensive and it’s body-shaming, and she’s sick of it,” the unnamed source said.

Kate Middleton Tired Of Being Perfect All The Time

The unnamed source said that Middleton has struggled with the pressure of being perfect all the time simply because she’s married to Prince William. But what made things even worse for her is the fact that royal fans are speculating about her health and eating habits.

“Trying to be perfect all the time can be exhausting and nerve-wracking especially when the criticism isn’t warranted. Kate has long been the subject of debate over her weight. There’s speculation it recently dropped to a waif-like 95 pounds, but she’s telling friends those estimates are way off,” the unnamed source explained.

Kate Middleton Doesn’t Restrict Herself When It Comes To Food

Middleton has never restricted herself when it comes to food so she doesn’t understand where the speculations are coming from.

“She’ll have a good breakfast, like yogurt and granola, then a light lunch, like salad or gazpacho. For dinner, she’ll whip up a meal the whole family can enjoy – roast chicken is always a hit. She and William love sushi too and sometimes they’ll steal away to their local Japanese restaurant when it’s not busy,” the unnamed source said.

When Prince William and Middleton are at home with their kids, the Duchess of Cambridge makes it a point to cook for her entire family.

“Kate prefers to make meals at home for herself and William and the kids. The children often help out in the kitchen, and it’s a big bonding activity for the family. Food is one of Kate’s love languages. She enjoys long family meals so it really hits a nerve when people say she doesn’t eat,” the unnamed source said.

Kate Middleton Sick, Tired Of All The Criticisms Regarding Her Weight, Body

Throughout the years, Middleton has made it a point to brush off all the rumors surrounding her. In fact, she also managed to sweep the rumors that Prince William had an affair with Rose Hanbury under the rug. But the unnamed source claimed that the speculations regarding her body and weight are something that she will never tolerate.

“Kate usually brushes things like this off, but she’s starting to hit her breaking point. Her friends are saying she should stand up for herself. It’s time to put a stop to all of this weight-shaming nonsense once and for all,” the unnamed source concluded.

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Kate Middleton Dubbed As An Ectomorph

Claims that Middleton is too thin or too skinny are not new. Three years ago, the Duchess of Cambridge donned an all-black ensemble while playing badminton and royal fans body-shamed her. However, an expert explained why Middleton doesn’t seem to gain weight regardless of what she eats.

Royal expert Deanna Eppers claimed that there’s a scientific explanation why Middleton has been able to maintain her slender frame.

She said that Middleton and her entire family’s body types can be classified as ectomorphs. These are individuals that find it challenging to gain weight regardless of how much they eat.

“Ectomorph is long and lean, difficult to put on weight, with many models or ballet dancers having this look to them,” Eppers said.

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