Kate Middleton 'Fully Embraced' Her Fate As The Next Camilla Parker-Bowles? Prince William's Wife Took New Title 'Very Easily And Effortlessly'



Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, has “fully embraced” the idea that she is going to be like Camilla when Prince William finally becomes the king of the U.K., a body language expert claimed.

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Royal commentator Darren Stanton said that Kate Middleton has demonstrated a “dramatic emotional shift” in her confidence level and belief system as she celebrated her 41st birthday. Following an analysis of the duchess’ behaviour and body language in the last few months, he stated:

"Since becoming Princess of Wales, Kate’s body language has definitely changed. It’s almost as though she has fully embraced the idea that she is going to be Queen. It’s obvious that it’s a position she holds in high regard since it was also Princess Diana’s title. For lots of people, the pressure of the media and attending royal events would cause sleepless nights and stress. However, Kate has in fact shown a different approach as she appears a lot more confident."

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Kate Middleton joined the royal family in April 2011 after her wedding to Prince William. For years, it was claimed that the mom of three – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – was rather shy and struggled with public speaking.

However, Stanton noted that Kate Middleton displays today a different body language dispelling whatever signals suggesting nervousness and lack of confidence in the past. Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, the royal commentator said:

"She now communicates on an even deeper level and leaves a lasting impression with all that she encounters. In previous years, Kate often flashed signals of distress or nerves in her body language during public engagements."

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The body language expert noted a specific “submissive” hand signal Kate Middleton displayed in her early years as a royal. Darren Stanton shared:

"Kate tended to hold her hands in front of her body, at least when she knew she was being photographed. This is a very submissive gesture, as it creates an unconscious barrier or shield between us and something which could be perceived as a threat. The posture also signifies a lack of confidence in her surroundings."

He added:

"I have not seen any of these gestures in recent months, which tells me that she has had a dramatic emotional shift in her belief systems and levels of confidence. Even when people are displaying a confident demeanour, they can sometimes have juxtaposed feelings internally. However, I see total congruence in Kate’s belief, personal confidence and her outbound body language, which means she has now become the full package and has fitted into her new title with ease."

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The royal commentator also said that Kate Middleton took on the Princess of Wales role “very easily and effortlessly.” Stanton furthered:

"Since taking on the role in October, she has attended various solo engagements, which proves she is confident in her own abilities as Princess."

For starters, Prince William and Kate Middleton became the Prince and Princess of Wales, respectively, on September 9, the day after King Charles acceded to the throne. After weeks of mourning in the wake of the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth, the Cambridge couple decided to mark their new titles by carrying out their first official visit to Wales.

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