Jeremy Renner Career Over? Avenger Actor's Loved Ones 'Concerned' He Could No Longer Move The Way He Used To



Jeremy Renner celebrated his 52nd birthday in the hospital, where he was still receiving treatment for injuries sustained after he was struck by a snowplow last week.

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Will Jeremy Renner Return To Limelight After Shocking Accident?

The Avengers star, who has remained in the intensive care unit of his hospital since his sad accident on January 1, was struck by a seven-ton snow plow while trying to aid a family member who was stuck in the snow on his Lake Tahoe home.

After the injury, Jeremy Renner was declared to be in critical condition and required two operations, including the placement of metal pins around his leg.

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He was nonetheless awake and able to converse as of this week. He even tweeted a picture of himself in a hospital bed with significant facial injuries and thanked well-wishers for their kind words.

Friends Of Jeremy Renner Fear This Would Happen To Him?

An unidentified source told Radar Online that the "Bourne Legacy" actor's friends are now worried and fearful that he could become permanently crippled.

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It added:

"Jeremy has already undergone two complex operations. But there are significant questions about whether he will ever be able to walk correctly, or at all. His loved ones are concerned that, if he doesn't completely lose the limb, the injury is severe enough to prohibit him from moving the way he used to. Jeremy could need surgically inserted rods to help his legs recover, but Dr. Gabe Mirkin, who isn't treating the actor for his injuries, cautioned that he might also have to undergo an amputation and use an artificial leg. This will be a long and slow recovery for him.”

Police said Jeremy Renner attempted to utilize his 14,330-pound snow plow to rescue a family member who became trapped in the snow while driving a personal vehicle.

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Sheriff Darin Balaam stated that the snow plow began to move as soon as he exited his vehicle to speak with the unidentified family member. Jeremy attempted to re-enter the vehicle but was struck by it shortly thereafter.

A 911 call received after the event indicates that Jeremy Renner's upper torso was crushed and the right half of his chest collapsed. TMZ reported that the Hollywood celebrity could be heard screaming and bleeding extensively from his head and other injuries.

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Jeremy Renner had difficulty breathing before being airlifted from the accident scene to a nearby hospital owing to his injuries.

Meanwhile, the actor has yet to comment on the claims that his friends are concerned that he can no longer move the way he used to after the shocking accident. So, devoted supporters of Jeremy Renner should take all these unverified reports with a pinch of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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