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Kaiju No. 8 Anime Reveals Trailer, Animation Studio, and 2024 Release

Kaiju No. 8 Anime Release

After its announcement back in August, the Kaiju No. 8 anime adaptation has finally gotten a new trailer along with a 2024 release announcement and the reveal of its animation studio.

While the show’s release is still over a year away, the Kaiju No. 8 manga that it’s based on is one of Shonen Jump+’s biggest hits. So, it’s no surprise to see the anime being hyped up this early.

Production I.G Tapped to Animate

Kaiju No. 8 Anime Kafka Hibino
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Credit: Naoya Matsumoto / Shueisha / Production I.G / Khara

There has been a lot of speculation about which studio will animate the series, with studios such as Bones being tipped as possible candidates.

Now, it was revealed that Production I.G will handle the show’s animation.

As a kaiju anime, it’s not too surprising to see Production I.G be tapped to make the show.

After all, the studio is known for animating a range of science-fiction hits, including the likes of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Psycho-Pass.

While Production I.G will be the main studio to work on the Kaiju No. 8 anime, studio Khara has also been tapped to work on kaiju designs and artwork for the series.

Khara is the studio founded by Hideaki Anno and the studio that worked on the Rebuild of Evangelion film series.

Given the studios’ work on Evangelion, it makes sense that they were the ones given the task of designing the Kaiju No. 8 monsters as the ones in the manga look rather Eva-like.

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Kaiju No. 8 Release Date

Along with the reveal of the studios that will work on the anime, we also got a new key visual for the series along with its first trailer.

The visual features a close look at the protagonist Kafka Hibino’s kaiju form. It also features the show’s logo along with other info.

Meanwhile, you can check out the trailer here:

As the show’s release is still over a year away, the trailer is only composed of short clips, though it does give us a taste of what to expect in terms of visuals and sound.

Kaiju No. 8 will premiere sometime in 2024. Though we’ll have to wait a bit longer before we find out when exactly the series will begin its broadcast.

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Source: Kaiju No. 8’s website and official Twitter account

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