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Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Manga Ending Gives the Series the Conclusion It Deserves

Kaguya sama Love is War Manga Ending Kaguya Shinomiya

It has been seven years since it began, and finally, Kaguya-sama: Love Is War has come to an end, with its finale leaving fans happy as it gave the series the conclusion it deserves.

After the announcement of its ending back in June, fans have been counting down until the series’ end. And while many are sad to see it end, its conclusion is one that satisfied most fans based on reactions online.

Fans Are Happy With Kaguya-sama’s Ending

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It’s fair to say that Kaguya-sama: Love Is War is one of the most popular and most acclaimed recent romcom anime/manga. For reference, its latest season is currently the second highest-rated anime on MyAnimeList.

Though if you ask fans, the manga’s events following the climax in Season 3 weren’t smooth sailing. Some complained that the series stumbled a bit in some of its later arcs.

Despite these, it seems that creator Aka Akasaka managed to stick the landing as many fans praised how the series ended.

On Twitter, there are many fans calling the series one of the best romantic-comedy manga ever.

While they acknowledged the ups and downs of the series, the reception to the conclusion is highly positive.

The Reddit reactions are also similar, with fans being moved to tears by the ending.

There were also many who remarked about how the series has become a big part of their lives.

These reactions just go to show how the series got a proper conclusion, which is a rarity in manga as many titles leave fans angry with their ending.

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What’s Next for Kaguya-sama: Love Is War?

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Now that the series has ended, what’s next for Kaguya-sama? Well, the anime adaptation is still expected to continue.

While there’s no word yet on the fourth season, an anime film was announced which will release soon.

This upcoming movie adapts the manga arc titled The First Kiss Never Ends which directly follows the events of Season 3. Based on the previews, it will be set during Christmas.

As for the manga, Akasaka recently noted that he is interested in a spin-off for the series as he still has some ideas for the characters.

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