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#JusticeForJohnnyDepp Trends After Depp Loses Libel Case Against Ex-Wife Amber Heard

Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp has been stuck in a nasty legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard, and while it had originally come out that he was a wife-beater, new evidence had suggested that it was Heard that was the actual abuser. The high court has apparently ruled that Depp lose the case, but Twitter is now backing the side of Depp.

After the news came out that Depp had lost the case, the hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp started trending on Twitter. Here are some of the things that people are saying:

According to The Daily Mail, the ruling said that the article published by The Sun back in 2018 calling Depp a wife beater was ‘substantially true' and Heard had also said she was ‘not surprised' and ‘relieved' after the ruling.

Depp's lawyer, on the other hand, says that the ruling was ‘as perverse as it is bewildering,' and says that Depp will try to appeal the case. They also said:

"… Most troubling is the Judge's reliance on the testimony of Amber Heard, and corresponding disregard of the mountain of counter-evidence from police officers, medical practitioners, her own former assistant, other unchallenged witnesses and an array of documentary evidence which completely undermined the allegations, point by point. All of this was overlooked."

While I am definitely sure that women have been the receiving end of most of the abuse in domestic violence, the case against Depp isn't impossible at all. What's more, a lot of evidence had come out of him having lost a finger and sporting scars himself.

We don't really know how all of this will go down. What we do know is that Depp's career has terribly been hurt by the scandal, and it's said that he even lost the Pirates of the Caribbean job because of the case. Now with J.K. Rowling also under fire by Cancel Culture, who knows what kind of future Fantastic Beasts is going to have.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. For now, Fantastic Beasts 3 is still set to come out on Nov. 12, 2021.

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