Justice League's Greatness May Overshadow Departures & Other Issues

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DC's side of the cinematic universe doesn't seem to be playing out too well. However, some of its more worrisome issues may not be all that for the execs.

In a new blog post from Hollywood reporter Neil Turitz, he shared a recent conversation that touches on the sudden departure of another director from one of the films. When he reportedly asked a source who's close to the project, the reaction is a little short of appalling.

"Sorry. We were too busy laughing about all the money we made on Suicide Squad to worry too much about this latest turn of events with a movie that isn't as high on our list of important projects. I mean, it's not like it's Aquaman."

Of course, this statement is secondhand source, so I would take a huge grain of salt. But considering what was previously rumored for Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie, it's starting to take a solid but terrifying shape.

That in itself seems like the end of hoping for a turnaround. However, the report continues, this time reiterating the fact that this is the case, all thanks to Justice League.

Turitz used the word "dynamite" to define what Justice League is like. He goes on to say that it's far from what Snyder has done before. While this seems like the silver lining in DC films, it's still quite disappointing. For one thing, it's a glaring offense to DC fans, particularly for The Flash fans, that their hero's own film will be overlooked the way the report seems to be hinting.

It's one thing to have different takes on different films. But when priority is shifted, so much so that the departure of a director is no longer "worrisome," it makes me wonder if the vision that Warner Bros. has for its DC films is really one for the fans enjoyment or for their pockets. Because from the way it looks now, DC can't do both the same way Marvel can.

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