Justice League: Zack Snyder Regrets Not Setting Up Ray Fisher's Cyborg Movie

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There is little doubt that Zack Snyder's Justice League gave Victor Stone a much bigger role that would give the character a huge push for his solo film. However, the director admits that he wishes he did more in the Snyder Cut to truly set up the Cyborg movie starring Ray Fisher.

Snyder recently spoke to Esquire where he discussed the director's cut of Justice League. At one point, the filmmaker stated that he should have actively prepared fans for the arrival of a Cyborg movie.

"I'm very sad that I didn't push harder to set up the Cyborg movie before we shot Justice League because I'd done a lot of work to set up Wonder Woman and Aquaman and to get those movies on their feet," Snyder said. "And I really wish I had done that with Cyborg because he's really on his feet at the end of the movie. He's really ready to go."

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But what convinced Snyder that it wasn't necessary in the first place? The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director says he was so sure that the Cyborg film will be happening.


"I just thought, well, the truth is I just assumed that it was a no brainer that a Cyborg movie would be in the works. You know what I mean? It seems like so obvious," Snyder said.

Interestingly, the Snyder Cut concluded in a way that would set up a Cyborg movie as the next DC Extended Universe flick. However, that might not be Warner Bros.' plan anymore. After all, Fisher has already been fired from The Flash and it is unlikely that he will be brought back to star in his own film.

Although the Cyborg movie might not be happening anymore, the release of the Snyder Cut has led to fans crying out to see more of Victor Stone. There hasn't been a hashtag started yet but there is little doubt that people will be storming social media to demand the Cyborg film.

For now, Warner Bros. has not made an official announcement about Cyborg's solo movie. In the meantime, fans can see Vic Stone in action in Zack Snyder's Justice League, which is available on HBO Max and various streaming services around the globe.

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