Justice League Star Ray Fisher Blasts Warner Bros. for Black History Month Post

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People already know how Ray Fisher truly feels about Warner Bros. since he publicly called out those who were involved in the Justice League reshoots. After all, Fisher has been actively sharing his thoughts on the studio and its main players. So it's no surprise that Fisher has once again blasted WB, this time over a post that is supposed to celebrate Black History Month.

The official Warner Bros. Twitter account shared the post which highlights some of the DC Extended Universe's Black characters including Will Smith's Deadshot, Jurnee Smollett's Black Canary, and Idris Elba's Bloodsport. Cyborg isn't in the tweet but that's not the reason why Ray Fisher decided to retweet the post with his own comment.

"OR….you could try spotlighting an apology to the non-fictional Black people affected by your company’s racist and discriminatory practices," Fisher wrote.

It's not exactly subtle. The retweet once again references how POC actors were treated on the set of Justice League. Fisher himself has shared his account on the mistreatment which extended to co-stars Kiersey Clemmons and Ryan Zheng, among others. Warner Bros. has repeatedly denied any mistreatment, choosing to defend Walter Hamada, who has been Fisher's target for several months.

It's not surprising that Fisher was left out in the post considering the friction between him and Warner Bros. has not yet faded. Still, Cyborg is one of the first major Black superheroes in DC and it's unusual for him to be left out in a post celebrating Black History Month.

For now, it is unlikely that Ray Fisher will be brought back and play a major role in The Flash. In addition to that, it is unclear if the Cyborg movie will still be moving forward. Warner Bros. has not yet made an official announcement about the film. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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