Justice League Star Ray Fisher Blasts Release The Snyder Cut Author for Misrepresentation

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It's been clear that Ray Fisher will never hesitate to call out anyone when they are in the wrong. So it's no surprise that the Justice League star has called out the author of Release the Snyder Cut for a post that could be misinterpreted by fans.

Sean O'Connell is the author of the upcoming book Release the Snyder Cut: An Insider Look at the Lost Justice League Movie which summarizes the true story behind the movement that made Zack Snyder's vision become a reality. Interestingly, O'Connell has confirmed that Fisher was supposed to write the foreword for the novel.

But what exactly happened that prevented Fisher from doing so? A fan had asked O'Connell on Twitter and he had an interesting response.

"Ray told me on Sept. 8 that it wasn't 'the move for me right now' but that 'I appreciate you asking.' We moved forward knowing that he couldn't do it, and just decided to do the book without a foreword," O'Connell wrote.


It didn't take long before Fisher saw the tweet and issued a warning to O'Connell.


"Please delete this and refrain from publicly misrepresenting our conversation," Fisher wrote. Not surprisingly, O'Connell has since deleted the tweet.

It's unclear why Fisher had chosen not to write the foreword for Release the SnyderCut but some believe it had to do with the allegations the actor had raised about people involved with the Justice League reshoots. In addition to that, it is possible that Fisher didn't agree with what the book had to say.

Fisher will return as Cyborg in Zack Snyder's Justice League, which is now scheduled for release on March 18.

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