14 Jan 2021 10:21 AM +00:00 UTC

Ray Fisher Confirms He's Been Booted Out of The Flash, Blames Warner Bros. for Decision

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Justice League actor Ray Fisher's days in the DC Extended Universe may be coming to an end and it's all because of his ongoing misunderstanding with Warner Bros. and DC executives mainly Walter Hamada and Geoff Johns. Following his statement that he refuses to work with the film company as long as Hamada is calling the shots, several reports claimed that Fisher has been booted out of The Flash.

Dropping a new bombshell announcement on his official Twitter account, Ray finally addressed the rumors and confirmed right off the bat that he won't be appearing in the Ezra Miller project. It was initially believed that Fisher would only be making a brief cameo in the film but as it turns out, Cyborg was set to have a prominent role in The Flash.

The ever-so-controversial actor would then point his fingers at Hamada who he blames for the entire fiasco and him ultimately losing the coveted comic book film role. "Walter's purposeful attempt to undermine the Justice League investigation in order to protect his friend, and former co-president Geoff Johns," a part of his statement reads. Check it out in full here:

It's a messy situation, I gotta tell you but I strongly believe their issues could have been resolved right away through open conversations but I guess, both parties (especially Ray) are too stubborn to meet in the middle and ultimately makeup. Still, mad props to the Cyborg actor for staying firm with his stand amid his quest for true "justice".

Meanwhile, Zack Snyder's Justice League hits HBO Max this March.

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