Justice League: Release the Snyder Cut Gets an Official… Rap Song

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There are many things that fans will campaign for from rehiring James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy to asking for Solo 2. One other fan campaign that's been lasting a while is #ReleasetheSnyderCut for Justice League, and the fans have now made an official "anthem" for their film.

Check it out:

The song basically talks about what's so great about Snyder and the DCEU and how WB kind of screwed him over after the loss of his daughter. They also mix in some clips and quotes from other people talking about the Snyder Cut of Justice League and have nice things to say about everyone involved.

Personally, I admire the effort, and I'm sure this took a lot of work to put together, but I can't really sit through it with a straight face. I am all for #ReleasetheSnyderCut, but having an official rap song isn't really something I thought the fans would come to. I'm just curious what Zack Snyder himself would say if he knew this rap existed.

For now, all fans can really do is quit campaigning. The Snyder Cut guys have actually been impressive with their advocacy, seeing that they even raised money for Suicide Prevention. I just don't get why they get so bullied online while there are other movements also asking for studios to pick up certain things like Daredevil or having people boycott the upcoming Mulan.

Fingers crossed we get somewhere.

For now, you can catch DC's Joker in theaters.

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