Justice League Movies Will Be a Mix of Past, Present & Future

Perhaps one of the big issues when building universes and worlds within one franchise is the different voices in every film. Rarely does it happen that a universe, like the one Marvel has successfully made, would have different tones but a running similarity, such as the importance of narrative and humor to every film.

From the looks of it, this is also what DC aims to do—create a universe that tells origin stories, deals with present issues, and as a bonus, go with flash-forward movements, potentially thanks to The Flash. This is what producer Charles Roven told Comicbook.com. As we can see in Wonder Woman, it will take us back a couple of years back to the warring times. But ultimately, it will still tie up with the other films.

"For example, the Justice League movie will take place in a universe that's post-Batman v Superman, just like Batman v Superman takes place in a universe that's post-Man of Steel. When we're dealing with either The Flash or Aquaman, since they will take place in a universe that has happened after Justice League, the characters and the world will be informed by the movies that preceded them, except that there's flashbacks or whatever within those particular movies, [and] flashforwards within those particular movies."

The good thing about how the creative behind DC films is that they are working collaboratively together. In other words, the directors of the different films are able to talk to each other and collaborate on the look and feel, so the movies won't feel disjointed from each other.

One example can be seen in how Justice League director Zack Snyder seems to be constantly on the set of Aquaman, following that behind-the-scenes update photo that we saw. At the very least, this assures us that the DC films will see a kind of cohesiveness, even if the directors have their own respective styles and specializations.

This is good to know at least, because the last thing we want is an ensemble movie without any meaning behind the gathering. Now, if only we'll be assured that The Flash and The Batman movies are on the same track as Wonder Woman and Aquaman, we'd sleep a little easier.

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