Justice League Fans Are Now Asking WB’s New CEO For The Snyder Cut

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There's been another major shakeup at Warner Brothers. Former CEO Kevin Tsujihara recently had to step down from his position in the company after being entangled in controversy – the WB big wig engaged in inappropriate sexual relations with young British actress Charlotte Kirk, advancing her acting career. As a result, Ann Sarnoff has been recently named as the studio's new chairman and CEO.

Now, with a new head to look up to, DC fans are urging Sarnoff to release the Snyder cut of Justice League (via Indie Wire). The Snyder Cut movement began right after fans learned that the director's intended narrative had been drastically changed during production. Snyder had to leave Justice League's production during the film's reshoot period because he had to mourn the loss of his daughter who had committed suicide ealy in 2017. WB then swooped in and placed Avengers director Joss Whedon in charge of the film. Whedon made extensive changes to the film, adding unnecessary and sometimes sexist and distasteful jokes in Justice League.

Because of this, fans decided to rally together and petition Warner Brothers to release the original cut of the movie with Junkie XL's intended musical score. The studio has remained silent on the matter, however, fans remain dedicated to the movement, and now it looks like they have a new person to ask the Snyder Cut from.

Of course, we have yet to see whether Sarnoff will oblige the fanbase, though it seems unlikely since the admission of a Snyder Cut would reveal WB's mistakes. Or who knows, maybe she actually might release it. Let's wait and see.

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