Justice League 3D Attraction Coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain

Spring will see a darker time in Six Flags Magic Mountain. And that's because after 46 years, the amusement park is finally set to open its own dark ride attraction.

Dubbed The Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, the 3D dark ride will debut with motion-platform ride vehicles and a shoot-em-up videogame, LA Times reported.

"We wanted a thrilling dark ride. One that was dynamic enough to be compared to anything Disney or Universal could do. Spider-Man was really our bar. That was always where we strived to be. If that was the best dark ride in the industry, we needed to reach that bar. And Justice League has exceeded it."

While this is a first for the Magic Mountain base, this isn't the first time that Six Flags will have its own Justice League ride. It has already done so in parks in Missouri, Illinois, and Mexico, with New Jersey and Georgia slated to have their own sometime this year as well.

And before you assume that it's just a mindless ride, the company has prepared the ride to have a backstory worth noting. In a nutshell, three of the known villains in the DC universe, Lex Luthor, Joker, and ladylove Harley Quinn are plotting to kidnap the heroes and unleash a laughing gas in Metropolis.

The ride starts with participants tasked with the rescue mission of the Justice League as well as saving Metropolis from the daunting effects of the gas. To put up the Justice League dark 3D ride, Six Flags Magic Mountain will have to take down the Batman stunt show arena.

Six Flags' goal is to take its patrons to new experiences with the new rides, as well as expand what its amusement park can offer.

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Guess who's excited to experiment on villainy?

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