Jung Ho Yeon Skincare 2022: A Guide to Squid Game Star's Simple Beauty Routine

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Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Squid Game star and the SAG Awards 2022 Best Actress Jung Ho Yeon has interesting and not to mention easy-to-follow skincare tips, perfect for those who are as busy as her.

Since she works in front of the camera most of the time, it is important for her to have perfect-looking skin.

In 2016, right before her acting career skyrocketed, the red-haired runway model appeared in Vogue as she revealed her must-have skincare and beauty secrets.

At the start of the video, she mentioned that most of her products are custom-made from Clinique in South Korea.

Curious about Jung Ho Yeon's skincare essentials, here's a rundown of her favorite products.


After washing her face, Jung Ho Yeon's skincare routine starts with a toner.

It helps by getting rid of excess oils and impurities that add additional cleansing without stripping the skin's barriers.

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With a small amount of the product, the actress gently glides the product onto her skin. Most of the essences are water-based, making them easily absorbed by the skin.

It helps in hydration, repairing skin damages, smoothen and nourishes the skin for that healthy-looking glow.


For Jung Ho Yeon, she focuses on moisturizing her skin because it helps protect the skin's barrier from irritation and redness and dryness that often makes the skin dull.

Face Massager

After moisturizing her face, a must-have for Jung Ho Yeon's skincare routine is face massages.

She uses her fingers or tools like gua sha to avoid a puffy or swollen face.

According to healthline.com, some of the benefits of regularly massaging the face include the "ability to improve the overall appearance of the skin," aid in promoting the circulation of the blood and reduce the appearance of acne and, of course,, facial rejuvenation by relieving tension through muscle movements.

Anti-Stress Oil

Lastly, the Squid Game star's favorite is wrapping up her morning routine by applying anti-stress oil, which she uses behind the ear.

It somehow helps her relax as she starts her full packed schedule.


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