Jung Ho Yeon Shock: Squid Game Actress Effortlessly Beats Song Hye Kyo And Lee Sung Kyung, Talks About BLACKPINK Jennie

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Credit: Netflix

The Squid Game fever is not over yet! Series lead star Jung Ho Yeon, as a matter of fact, just reached another milestone in her budding acting career. The close pal of BLACKPINK Jennie even surpassed a former record set by A-list South Korean actresses.

So, what is the latest milestone of Squid Game actress Jung Ho Yeon? Keep on reading to know more details.

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Squid Game Star Jung Ho Yeon Beats Song Hye Kyo And Lee Sung Kyung As Most Followed K-Drama Actress On Instagram

KDramaStars reported that Jung Ho Yeon broke a new record recently after her exemplary performance in the hit Netflix series called Squid Game. Ho Yeon got the attention of numerous viewers for her portrayal as Sae Byeok in the popular K-drama series.

Sae Byeok, for starters, is a North Korean defector who was forced to join the deadly game to pay for a broker to find and save her family members who are living across the border. Jung Ho Yeon's character in Squid Game also wanted to win the money to give her orphaned brother a better life.

Initially, most viewers had an impression that Sae Byeok is a cold-hearted lady, who would do everything just to win the prize. However, the character of Jung Ho Yeon caught the hearts of many after they heard her background story and the things she had to go through before finally participating in the Squid Game.

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Because of this, Jung Ho Yeon garnered a significant number of followers on Instagram. From 400,000 followers, the Squid Game star's number of followers on the said social media site ballooned to 10,000,000 after a few weeks of being one of the most talked-about topics online.

Jung Ho Yeon already garnered a total of 13 million followers on Instagram as of the moment. The number made her the most followed South Korean actress on the above-mentioned social media network, beating K-drama superstar Song Hye Kyo with 12 million Instagram followers.


At the moment, Lee Sung Kyung is the second most followed South Korean actress on Instagram with more than 12.9 million followers. As Squid Game remains one of the trending topics today, it would not come as a surprise if Jung Ho Yeon would further increase her total number of Instagram followers in the coming days.

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Squid GameStar Jung Ho Yeon Talks About Her Role And Close Friendship With BLACKPINK Jennie

Meanwhile, Jung Ho Yeon talked about her remarkable role in Squid Game during an interview with Herald POP, as per Soompi. When asked about the audition process for the role, the model-turned-actress said:

"It had been less than a month since I had signed with my agency, and I was in New York for Fashion Week, but I was asked to send an audition video as soon as possible. I had never filmed an audition video myself, so I remember pouring all of my energy into the script. I did my best for about three days. I didn't even know how to approach acting, so I kept pondering over why Sae Byeok said what she said. After some time, I felt like I had gotten closer to Sae Byeok. I had forgotten about the video after I sent it over, but they suddenly told me they wanted to see me in person, so I quickly flew to Korea."

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Jung Ho Yeon admitted that she got extremely nervous during the audition despite the fact that she had years of experience in front of the camera. She even revealed that the anxiety did not subside even after the shoots for Squid Game kicked off already. She stated:

"I think I wanted to feel certain about why he chose me. Then the director said to me, ‘I picked you because you're already perfect as Sae Byeok.' That one phrase made me think that even if I'm not that great at acting, it would be problematic if I'm not able to do what I normally can do because of my nervousness and uneasiness, and I was able to overcome it. I also spoke to my seniors a lot while filming. From a certain point on, I didn't feel uneasy, and I could focus and do my best."

Being known as a very good friend with BLACKPINK Jennie, Jung Ho Yeon also shared how the K-pop idol showed her support. The budding actress said the "SOLO" hitmaker sent a coffee truck to the set of Squid Game and even dropped by the set to cheer on her.

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Jung Ho Yeon added that BLACKPINK Jennie personally congratulated her on the undeniable success of Squid Game. She said:

"Jennie was happy for me ever since I told her I was cast in ‘Squid Game.' She sent me a coffee truck, and she actively cheered me on by even uploading to her social media. Jennie is always there on the list of people I'm grateful for while acting in ‘Squid Game.' She congratulated me so happily, as if my joys were also her own, that I wondered how such an angel could exist."

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