Joss Whedon Makes Fun of the Justice League Release the Snyder Cut Movement

The Snyder cut of Justice League might mean a lot to DC fans who've been disappointed by the way the DC Extended Universe movie turned out, but it looks like the "Release The Snyder Cut" movement is nothing but a joke to Avengers director Joss Whedon.

When Justice League made its big premiere in cinemas, the movie was met with mixed reviews from fans. Justice League had quite the issue during production when Snyder decided to leave to mourn the loss of his daughter after completing the film's principal photography, and Warner Brothers decided to bring in Joss Whedon to direct the reshoots of the movie. Whedon made significant changes to the film, changes that fans consider some of the weakest points in the film.

Soon after word came out about the issues that the film had during production, rumors started spreading that WB had been hiding Snyder's cut of Justice League, one that didn't include the reshoots by Whedon. These rumors sparked the "Release The Snyder Cut" movement, a campaign that's last for months on end.

While the campaign means a lot to fans, Whedon doesn't seem to believe it as much, turning the "Release the Snyder Cut" hashtag into a joke.

Taking to Twitter, Whedon commented on a post by Warner Ellis showing himself as Victorian Batman. Not only does Whedon joke about Ellis in his post, but he uses a joke hashtag reading #ReleaseTheSnyderDaguerreotype.

Angered by Whedon's post, fans have been storming the tweet with GIFS reminding him that the movement is about releasing the Snyder cut.

Honestly, it's quite surprising to see Whedon have the audacity to make fun of the "Release The Snyder Cut" movement when he's one of the main reasons why Justice League failed.

What do you think of the tweet? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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