Joss Whedon Has Been Fired From The Batgirl Movie

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[UPDATE] SuperBroMovies has taken down their article. For now, it looks like Joss Whedon is still attached to direct Batgirl.

The original article is as follows:

With Hollywood in a current shake-up after the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Joss Whedon has apparently fallen into that rabbit hole as well. As it turns out, Warner Bros has fired Whedon from directing the Batgirl movie following the allegations of infidelity by his ex-wife Kai Cole.


According to an inside source from SuperBroMovies, Whedon had been fired a few months ago after his ex-wife had revealed that Whedon had been having several affairs during their marriage; calling him a ‘hypocrite preaching feminist ideals.' It's said that Warner Bros didn't want this sort of negativity connected to their movies.

It's also worth noting that a lot of fans are not happy with what Joss Whedon has done with Justice League, saying that he didn't stay true to Zack Snyder's intended vision. Add to that the fact that there is currently a petition for WB to release Snyder's cut of the film and it's amassed over 70,000 signatures online.

Counting that the Whedon scandal came out months ago, there's chance that WB had changed their minds when it comes to hiring Whedon, but again, since fan reception for Justice League is coming out mixed, Whedon's future in the DCEU is starting to look a bit murky.

For me personally, I say let Whedon keep the project. We can't blame everything that happened to Justice League on him, and he was probably being pressured by the studio to deliver something good despite wanting the runtime to be less than two hours. He just probably did what he thought was the best considering what he had to work with.

We don't know what the future of the Batgirl film will be, but seeing that it would have been the second heroine-led movie after Wonder Woman, WB has to make sure this film doesn't turn out a mess.

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