Joss Whedon Feeling Nostalgic About Working with the Avengers

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Credit: ScreenSlam/Youtube

Joss Whedon had found success when he directed the first Avengers movie, but he up and left the MCU after being ‘broken' by Age of Ultron. With the MCU set to cross an incredible milestone with Endgame, Whedon has taken the time to be a tad nostalgic on his Twitter feed.

He just shared this link of an old interview from the cast back in 2012 with the caption, "I really miss these clowns."


For now, it seems that Whedon is hard at work with this sci-fi show called The Nevers. He hasn't really had any big projects after Age of Ultron other than Justice League, which we all know came out as a huge disappointment for the DCEU. It even got so bad that Whedon had to leave his Batgirl project.

Then again, I would not object to having him come back to Marvel Studios is one way or another. Since he did have experience writing actual X-Men comics, maybe they can have Whedon develop the eventual movie that will introduce the mutants to the MCU. Heck, why not have him direct it? Whedon still made some great Avengers films, and even though the Russos have brought their own flare to the franchise, there are still some elements of Whedon's movies that were purely his brand.

As of now, everyone is gearing up for the film that will end the so-called Infinity Saga. Catch Avengers: Endgame in theaters April 26.


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