Jordan Vogt-Roberts Thinks A Red Son Superman Movie Can Exist Out Of The Main DCEU Timeline

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Mark Millar's Red Son Superman is absolutely one of my favorite comics, and when it was rumored that WB could be working on a movie, I immediately started looking into it more. The idea was pitched by Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, and apparently, he wanted it to exist in its own timeline separate from the DCEU's main one.


I absolutely agree with Vogt-Roberts on his stance. Superhero movies have become kind of formulaic since they started trending, and a one-off like Red Son is something new that the genre desperately needs.

Just imagine all the different stories that could be told if we were getting one-offs. There's the Batman: Crimson Mist, The Flashpoint Paradox,Kingdom Come, and so many other choices.

A one-off could also be DC's way of getting another advantage on Marvel. They already released the first superhero movie lead by a woman, why not introduce audiences to the concept of an alternate timeline?

DC better hurry though, because if Marvel picks up on this, we could be looking at movie adaptations of House of M,Ultimates, or even a faithful adaptation of Old Man Logan.

Gosh, I'm excited just thinking about it.

We may never get to see Red Son Superman being turned into a movie, but Superman does come back in Justice League on Nov. 17.

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