Jon Kasdan's Indiana Jones 5 Script Will Be Rewritten By Dan Fogelman

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Credit: Paramount Pictures

It looks like the highly anticipated Indiana Jones 5 is facing more trouble. The sequel has lost screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan. However, Lucasfilm has found a replacement in This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman.

According to Making Star Wars, Jon Kasdan will no longer be writing the screenplay for Indiana Jones 5. He will reportedly be replaced by Dan Fogelman, who had previously worked on Cars and Tangled.

So what is the reason for Kasdan's exit? It may have something to do with the fact that he will be busy working on the Willow series that will air on Disney+. There's a possibility that Kasdan has elected to focus on Willow and allow a new writer to step in and work on Indy 5.

The report also suggested that the Indiana Jones 5 script will get a complete rewrite so it's possible that Kasdan's original idea for the film will be scrapped. Kasdan's screenplay reportedly followed the Wałbrzych Gold Train legend where a train full of Nazi gold supposedly went missing near the Polish city. Legend says that the train left Breslau with gold, masterpieces, weapons and other unknown priceless artifacts. However, it was believed to have been hidden in a series of mines dug by the Nazis.

The sequel was expected to drop this summer. Unfortunately, Indiana Jones 5 has been delayed repeatedly in the past and is now set for release on 2021. Hopefully, Fogelman can get started on a new script so the movie can begin production soon. We'll keep you updated when new details are released.

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