Jon Hamm Shares Thrilling Update About Mister Sinister MCU Casting

It's no secret that the Top Gun: Maverick actor Jon Hamm nearly brought a spine-chilling X-Men villain into live action. The 20th Century Fox's The New Mutants film was supposed to feature Hamm as Mister Sinister in a post-credits scene, sadly, things didn't work out well after the COVID-19 Pandemic hampered the film. Now, is he still interested to play the infamous X-Men villain?

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In a recent interview with ComicbookMovie, Jon Hamm recalled almost playing Mister Sinister in The New Mutants, noting that he would still be "thrilled" to play the role. See his full quote below:

“Yeah, I dont know–… Sometimes I find out more about my career from the Internet than I actually find out from my agents. So I didn’t really know that was in the works until somebody told me that I didn’t get it or it didn’t happen. So I really don’t know. I’m, like anybody else, would be thrilled to be a part of that storytelling, having been a big comicbook fan throughout my early teens and early twenties. So, we’ll see. I don’t know. It would be a fun person to play, that’s for sure. I look good in purple, I’ll put it that way.”

Considering Jon Hamm's superb Hollywood stature, Marvel Studios should definitely give him a role inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Hamm might have to play another character after a recent report surfaced that Academy Award winner Javier Bardem was tapped to play MCU's Mister Sinister.

More amazingly, Hamm is a self-proclaimed comic book fan but hasn't yet played either a live-action superhero or a villain role throughout his career, aside from voicing Iron Man in the animated M.O.D.O.K. series on Hulu. Now that the MCU is constantly expanding with the Fantastic Four and X-Men nearly approaching, it's undoubtedly the perfect time for Jon Hamm to join the mega-franchise. 

Stay Tuned for more updates about the X-Men!

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