Jon Favreau Essentially Confirms The Mandalorian Season 5

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Credit: Lucasfilm
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We're only a few days away from the premiere of The Mandalorian's third season and it promises to be the show's most explosive yet. Many believe that the show has yet to reach its peak and if anything, it can still go on for a couple more seasons before officially concluding.

Credit: Lucasfilm

Of course, we still don't know when that will happen but creator Jon Favreau pretty much hinted that Din Djarin and Grogu's adventures are far from done, despite the series just a number of time jumps away from bridging the sequel trilogy. Initially, it was rumored that the hit Star Wars spinoff show will end after Season 4 but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Speaking with the Inside Total Film podcast (via Games Radar), the Star Wars showrunner essentially confirmed that The Mandalorian won't end after Season 4 which was recently revealed to already be in production. When asked if he already has an ending in my, Favreau simply said: "No, I don't".

The MCU director continued: "I think the beauty of this is that it's a middle chapter of a much larger story. And though we'll have resolution over time with these characters, I think that how these characters fit into the larger scope and scale, but it's not like there's a finale that we're building to that I have in mind. Quite the contrary, I love for these stories to go on and on. And so these characters potentially could be with us for a while, and I really love telling stories in their voice, and I love the way the adventures unfold and I'm looking forward to doing much more."

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As it stands, we still don't know what Season 4 has in store but as we mentioned, the show's timeline is already very close to the sequels so we wouldn't be surprised if more familiar characters from the divisive trilogy will begin popping up in the next few seasons.

The Mandalorian Season 3 is hitting Disney+ on March 1st.