Jon Bernthal Teases Fans With Bloody Punisher Season 2 Image

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Luke Cage and Iron Fist might be gone from Netflix but at least we still have The Punisher, which is getting its second season next year. Now that 2019 is only a few months away, fans are excited to see what Frank Castle will do next, though it will probably be a lot of killing. Bernthal has now shared another image from season 2 and it's pretty bloody, which should make a lot of fans happy.

The image itself is a bit blurry, but you can see Frank's face with blood in it and some of it probably isn't his. Also, the post accompanying the image says "Tick. Tock." This seems to imply that a trailer could be coming soon; that or a release date for the second season.

From what we've gathered from these set photos, we know that Ben Barnes will be returning with his face torn up, officially confirming his Jigsaw status. Expect him to get his revenge on Punisher by doing something bad to the vigilante. Or, Frank will just beat his face up and kill him, just like all of the other thugs that cross his paths.

Considering how the first season of The Punisher impressed fans, there are some expectations for the second one. Some second seasons have been disappointing (Daredevil at times, and a lot of Jessica Jones), while others have been drastically improved (the now-canceled Luke Cage and Iron Fist), so it's basically a coin flip as to how this season will do.

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