Jon Bernthal Shows Off Photo With Andrew Lincoln Before Their Walking Dead Reunion

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Andrew Lincoln is going to finally bid goodbye to The Walking Dead this Sunday Night, and it looks like Jon Bernthal's decided to share a touching photo of his reunion with the actor before his one-time return in season 9 of the series.

Taking to Instagram to share a photo of himself together with Lincoln, The Walking Dead star decided to commemorate his friend's last episode on the series with a post reading "Ok Brother. We ride one more time." Early on in the series, Jon Bernthal's character Shane and Andrew Lincoln's Rick were both best friends and partners in The Walking Dead. However, everything soon fell apart when Shane started having a love affair with Rick's wife Lori in a time when everyone thought that the character was dead.


Rick eventually killed Rick Grimes during the second season of the series, however, in the character's final episode on the show, it looks like the two are going to have a bit of a reunion on screen.

There's been a whole lot heartache over Lincoln's departure from The Walking Dead. Rick Grimes has been the lead character of the series of the show's past nine seasons, and now, the show is building up to his death. During last week's episode, Rick was thrown from a horse and impaled on a metal rod after attempting to lead away a herd of walkers from his clan. Last Sunday, the series revealed Rick's fate, showing the character's death.

Fortunately, it seems like Rick Grimes is going to get his own series of movies from AMC.

The Walking Dead airs every Sunday on AMC.

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