Joker’s Todd Phillips Says He’ll Go Back to Comedy if Bernie Sanders Becomes President

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Director Todd Phillips was best known for his comedies like Old School and The Hangover before he got acclaimed for his work on Joker. With him steering away from what he was known for, he reveals that he did so because of Trump being president.

Talking to The Wrap, Phillips explains that his choice to do a serious film has ‘everything to do with Donald Trump.' He says, "I think what you realize as you get older and you see where the world is going, you go ‘God, you know, I'm being given these opportunities, so why not do something impactful… When Obama was there, I did three ‘Hangover' movies … but the world has changed drastically." He ends a joke saying, "…And if Bernie [Sanders] gets there, I'm going back to comedy."

Phillips' transition into more serious movies has admittedly been interesting. Though the film had succeeded in the box office, even earning several Oscar nominations, Joker is still surrounded by controversy. The latest viral critique even came from Saturday Night Live, joking that the movie is all about "White Male Rage."

Personally, I thought the film was alright. If anything, I'm sure it wouldn't have made as much money as it did if it wasn't connected to the Joker character at all. What I love about it is that it was a character study masquerading as a comic book film, and it added that extra flavor that we so direly need with the genre.

Hopefully, Phillips gets to work on more DC Black films. As of now, we have no idea what he'll do next.

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