11 Oct 2019 11:44 AM +00:00 UTC

Joker Star Joaquin Phoenix Involved In Vehicular Accident With Paramedics' Truck

His new film might be a huge success but Joaquin Phoenix still managed to find some bad luck. The Joker star has just been involved in a minor vehicular accident which also involved a paramedics' truck.

The report comes from TMZ, which reveals that Phoenix had accidentally hit a parked L.A. County Fire Department truck. Phoenix was pulling out of a West Hollywood parking lot when his Tesla hit the unoccupied truck. However, unlike his character in Joker, Phoenix didn't flee from the site and decided to deal with the accident accordingly.

Interestingly, Phoenix dealt with the minor accident calmly. According to the report, he immediately tracked down the owners of the truck and traded insurance information. Although the truck itself only had minor scratches, it was Phoenix's Tesla that had a badly damaged bumper. Since the truck was unoccupied, no one was hurt in the collision.


Luckily, Phoenix was not ticketed since the damages were minor and he had not broken any laws. Phoenix had merely misjudged his turn out of the parking lot. According to onlookers, Phoenix dealt with the accident quickly and calmly and was exceedingly polite with the paramedics.

Despite the minor accident, Phoenix is still enjoying the success of Joker. The Todd Phillips film is currently on its second week and is set to continue being a box office hit.

Joker is currently screening in theaters worldwide.

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