Joker: Todd Phillips Gives Us Our First Look at Joaquin Phoenix as ‘Arthur’

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Todd Phillips' Joker movie is already undergoing production, and it's set to have Joaquin Phoenix star as the infamous Clown Prince of Crime. Now we have our first look at Phoenix in character as ‘Arthur.'

Check him out:

One thing I immediately noticed is that the hair looks reminiscent to that of Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knight. We don't know how many similarities the character will have, but I wouldn't be surprised if the film decided to go back to that ‘glasgow smile' look.


If anyone is still confused, this movie is set to take place outside of the main timeline of the DCEU. In that universe, Joker is still Jared Leto from Suicide Squad. In this timeline, though, DC is looking to explore a multiverse with familiar characters placed in a world where one or two things are a tad different.

I'll admit, this is one ballsy move from WB. Sure they've been lagging behind at the box office compared to Marvel Studios, but the MCU is yet to try something so experimental as a movie set in a completely alternate timeline.

Joker is set for a release Oct. 5, 2019.

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