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JoJo Stone Ocean Unveils Jolyne-Inspired Lingerie Collection

JoJo Stone Ocean Lingerie Jolyne
Credit: Hirohiko Araki / Shueisha / David Production / Netflix

The Stone Ocean anime may have ended, but it will continue to live on in the hearts and minds of fans, as well as in this interesting new merch line. Recently, Bradelis New York unveiled a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean lingerie collection.

This new collab is for a three-piece lingerie set that includes a bra, shorts, and a garter belt. The set is inspired by Stone Ocean protagonist Jolyne Cujoh’s iconic outfit.

But instead of being a cosplay piece, this lingerie set is best used as indoor wear, especially as you won’t want to wear out the cool Jolyne-inspired designs.

JoJo Stone Ocean x Bradelis Collaboration

jojo stone ocean jolyne
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Bradelis New York’s JoJo collab was revealed recently via the brand’s official website and Twitter account. And while the collab features only one three-piece set, it’s available in three color options.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is no stranger to fashion collabs as the iconic anime/manga series has released several clothing crossovers over the past years.

This should come as no surprise to series fans given the distinctive fashion of pretty much all JoJo characters from across the series.

The series even teamed up with luxury fashion house Gucci for a campaign a few years ago.

Given that Stone Ocean is the latest anime in the series, it makes sense for JoJo to get a lingerie collab this time.

After all, Jolyne is the first and currently only female JoJo protagonist.

JoJo doesn’t have a monopoly on these types of fashion collabs though. A few months ago, One Piece Film: Red teamed up with a Japanese lingerie brand for loungewear inspired by Uta from the movie.

JoJo x Bradelis Lingerie

As for this Bradelis lingerie set, the three pieces all feature design elements that are taken straight out of Jolyne Cujoh's outfit. The bra even has a signature JoJo star birthmark on the left strap.

Plus, both the bra and shorts have a heart butterfly design on them, a reference to Jolyne’s top which features the same design.

The lingerie set won’t come cheap though as the bra is priced at JPY 8,800 (around USD 66) while the shorts and garter belt are priced at JPY 4,400 each (around USD 33).

In total, expect to pay around USD 100 to complete the set.

This new JoJo Stone Ocean lingerie collection is available beginning today in Bradelis New York stores in Japan as well as on the brand’s Japanese online shop.

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Source: Bradelis New York website, Twitter account

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