Johnny Depp Net Worth: Is Amber Heard's Ex-Husband Still Wealthy Amid Legal Battles, Overspending Controversy?

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Johnny Depp is one of the most notable names in Hollywood. He’s not only an A-lister, but he’s also one of the most successful and highest-paid actors in the business.

With that said, it’s easy to assume Johnny Depp has millions to his name. However, after all his alleged outrageous spending habits and a lengthy court battle against his former wife, Amber Heard, is he still as affluent as before?

The Rise of Johnny Depp’s Career

The controversial actor started to join bans at the early age of 12 and dropped out of high school to be a rock star. However, he later pursued acting on Nicolas Cage’s advice and started to make a name in the business through the TV series 21 Jump Street in the 1980s.

He furthered his career by appearing as the iconic Edward Scissorhands in the movie with the same title under the direction of Tim Burton in 1990. After receiving critical and commercial success, this sealed his status as a leading Hollywood actor and started his good actor-director relationship with Burton.

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He had done several projects throughout the 1990s, like Benny and Joon, Don Juan DeMarco, Donnie Brasco, Sleepy Hollow and more. He once again earned widespread acclaim when he played the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, starting in 2003, and reprised his role in four more movies.

His continuous work with Burton resulted in the making of the films Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of the Fleet Street, Alice in Wonderland and Dark Shadows. Other hit movies he made are Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Murder on the Orient Express and Richard Says Goodbye.

The Notable Earnings and Salaries of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp might have only started when he did 21 Jump Street, but he was already paid $45,000 per episode back then, per Celebrity Net Worth. He began to earn major salaries in the mid-1990s, receiving $5 million when he did Nick of Time and another $5 million when he starred in Donnie Brasco.

His first Pirates of the Caribbean film earned him $10 million, while his base salary for the second movie was $20 million. He made another $40 million for backend points. For the third movie, he got a total of $55 million.

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For Alice in Wonderland, he agreed to accept a low base salary and high backend points, though he still ended up getting $55 million when the film earned $1 billion.

He then got $15 million from Rum Diary, $7.5 million from Rango, $18 million from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and $20 million from The Tourist.

For the third Fantastic Beast film, he still got $16 million despite being axed from the movie in the wake of his Amber Heard lawsuit. His contract stated Warner Bros. had to pay him “regardless of any circumstances.”

Johnny Depp’s Alleged Outrageous Spending Habits and Divorce Cost

According to The Hollywood Reporter, news about Johnny Depp’s financial troubles emerged in 2012. His lawyer, Jake Bloom, and accountant, Joel Mandel, told the 58-year-old actor back then that they couldn’t sustain his $2 million per month lifestyle.

They said didn’t have enough liquid assets to cover the expenses, so the actor agreed to sell his yacht for some quick cash. However, he later fired Mandel and his manager, Tracy Jacobs, in 2016 and filed a lawsuit against the former’s firm, TMG, for fraud and mismanagement.

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TMG countered the lawsuit and said, “Deep was responsible for his own financial waste.”

Aside from his extravagant lifestyle, his split with Amber Heard also made a significant dent on his bank account. They had a $7 million settlement and $50,000 spousal support a month in 2016, per Suggest.

In 2019, Johnny Depp sued his ex-wife for $50 million in 2019. Amber Heard hit him back with a $100 million defamation countersuit. He was also ordered to pay $840,000 to cover The Sun’s legal fees.

Amid all these things, Johnny Depp is still worth $150 million today.

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