25 Sep 2019 11:51 AM +00:00 UTC

John Williams Believed Luke And Leia Were Compatible For Children After ANH

Despite Star Wars: A New Hope's success in 1977, nobody really thought that the film would have a sequel. Fans didn't know that George Lucas would be able to develop Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. A New Hope's cast and crew didn't know that either.

That's why it's a little bit hard to blame Star Wars composer John Williams for believing that Luke (Mark Hamill) and Leia (Carrie Fisher) would end up together after their adventure in A New Hope.

Speaking in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Williams decided to share some of his own Star Wars stories. The composer wasn't quite sure whether he'd get to see another Star Wars film again after A New Hope, and so he figured that Luke and Leia would make a great couple someday, saying that they seemed compatible because they had fun and they worked well together.


Apparently, Luke wrote a love theme for Princess Leia not knowing that George Lucas would, later on, reveal that the Rebel fighter was actually related to Star Wars' dusty farm boy from Tattoine.

"The story I tell about Luke and Leia, I saw them as two young people in the first film that I would never see again," Williams told the publication, "And they seemed to be compatible. They had fun together. They did the action scenes together. And I figured, 'Well, sooner or later, they will be lovers and they'll have children,' and you know, so I wrote a love theme for Princess Leia, not knowing for, like, two or three years that they were brother and sister. I'm not even sure when George [Lucas] told us. That was the second film or the third. So I had to go back and write different themes for the various relationships that came into focus over time."

It doesn't come as a surprise to hear that Williams shipped Luke and Leia together. No one had known that the two would be siblings – most fans thought that Lucas was going for a love triangle between Luke, Leia, and Han (Harrison Ford). In the end, Lucas decided to surprise fans, turning Luke and Leia into twins and then bringing Leia and Han together.

Luke and Leia are set to return in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker which is set to premiere on December 20, 2019.

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