John Krasinski Open To Directing A Quiet Place 2

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We already know that a sequel to A Quiet Place is inevitable. After all, John Krasinski has confirmed that he is currently working on the script for the follow-up to the highly acclaimed horror flick. Interestingly, the star of The Office has also admitted that he is eager to direct A Quiet Place 2.

Krasinski recently spoke to The New York Times about the highly anticipated sequel. The 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi actor revealed that Paramount had approached him about writing the script for A Quiet Place 2. However, Krasinski also shared that he is ready to helm the second movie.

"Paramount was asking a bunch of writers and directors what they might do with it, and to their credit, they didn't take any of those pitches because they felt a little more franchise-y. Meanwhile, I had this tiny idea that fit that world and could be exciting. Paramount asked if I would write it and I'm doing that now, but I'm still thinking about what I want to do next. If I can crack the idea, I would love to direct it again, and if I can't, I would love to give it to someone else with my fingerprints on it to make sure it's being taken care of."

We're certainly hoping that Krasinski finds the time to direct A Quiet Place 2. But what will happen in the sequel? The Jack Ryan star teased on what we could look forward to.

"I know that anyone reading this will be like, 'Yeah right, art guy,' but I do have sort of a parental feeling about this movie, and I don't want A Quiet Place to turn into an action movie where 400 people have machine guns. Or did I give away the ending to the sequel?"

It's highly unlikely that machine guns will be the new trend in A Quiet Place 2. Nevertheless, we're hoping that the sequel will be somehow different compared to the first movie.

Krasinski is expected to return in Jack Ryan Season 2, which could air later on Amazon later this year.

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