John Krasinski Is Reportedly NOT MCU's Reed Richards

Despite John Krasinski’s MCU debut in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards, it would seem that his future in the MCU remains dull. Over the course of news being spilled on whether or not he’s getting recast from Mr. Fantastic, a new report from a reliable insider claims that Krasinski is NOT Reed Richards. Check out the tweet from @MyTimeToShine below:

This sent a wave of mixed reactions from fans, seeing as the previously most recent report suggested that Krasinski DOES have a future in the MCU, which was according to a post from Twitter user @DivinitySeeker1 who claimed to be an insider, despite numerous rumors surrounding Krasinski’s exit from MCU and Fantastic Four altogether.

As for which insider source should be trusted, it’s worth noting that @MyTimeToShine is a much more prominent figure as compared to @DivinitySeeker1. Only time will tell on which of the two are accurately projecting Krasinski’s MCU role.

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Adam Driver, Diego Luna, and Penn Badgley had been previously speculated to play the “real” Reed Richards in the near future, replacing Krasinski’s short screen time on Doctor Strange 2. However, seeing as there is no confirmation yet from Marvel Studios and MCU’s Fantastic Four reboot is not scheduled until 2025, a lot could change over the course of years.

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On that note, it’s also possible that Krasinski is technically not being recast, but rather the “main” MCU Reed Richards is. Doctor Strange 2 elaborated on how the multiverse worked, and seeing how Doctor Strange, America Chavez, and Wanda Maximoff traveled through the different universes, overseeing their variants, Krasinski’s role could easily happen to be one of his many variants in the multiverse. However, overall, this would mean he is probably less likely to be the one to portray Mr. Fantastic in the MCU reboot.

Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four is currently slated for its theatrical release on February 14, 2025.

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