John Cho Confirms Cowboy Bebop Plot Should Have Been About Ein

There is little doubt that everyone has their own opinion about the live-action Cowboy Bebop series but we all agree on one thing: Ein was absolutely perfect. Even John Cho agrees and the show's lead star even went as far as to give us the real plot of the series, which is all about Ein the Data Dog.

The official Cowboy Bebop Netflix series Twitter account has shared a new video featuring John Cho explaining the show's plot. In the video, Cho reveals that Cowboy Bebop is about how Ein was minding his own business before being forced to live with a group of bounty hunters.

"Cowboy Bebop is the story of a corgi who was minding his own business vacationing on the shores of New Mars, having a dog margarita out of a bowl, when he's kidnapped and is suddenly on a spaceship with a group of bounty hunters," Cho said. He then shares details on how the Bebop crew treated the pooch.

"He is underfed, forced to sleep in quarters that are not suitable for dog paws, has no access to grass or dirt upon which to pee or poo, and is treated maliciously by a woman, is forced to dance without his consent," Cho said.

The last part is obviously a reference to Faye Valentine's reenactment of how she took down the bounty Roland Dupree while doing the tango with him (no, seriously, they were dancing).

Of course, that's not what really happened in Cowboy Bebop but it would have been so awesome if the show was all about Ein. Perhaps Netflix should work on a spin-off featuring the Data Dog and his new friend Radical Ed, who was introduced in the season finale.

The first season of Cowboy Bebop is now streaming on Netflix. Stay tuned for updates on Season 2 (or Ein's spin-off).

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