John Boyega Shares Dad's Disappointment with His Acting Career

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Credit: Lucasfilm

John Boyega hasn't even reached his prime as an actor yet but the British actor already boasts an impressive acting resume. Now, three years following his involvement in the Star Wars franchise, the Finn actor is looking to legitimize himself, proving that he has more to offer than just shooting blasters and wielding lightsabers. However, it looks like his own father has an issue with him taking on more serious roles that enables him to showcase his true acting chops.

Credit: Lucasfilm

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Boyega revealed that his dad recently talked to him to air his apparent dissatisfaction with regards to his acting career. It turns out that his father Samson was a huge Diehard fan and would have loved to see his son involved in similar projects instead of doing "artistic" movies.

Boyega hilariously shared: "My dad recently said to me, he goes ‘You know, John, all these artistic movies that you are doing, I’m not quite interested in them.’ My dad just wants me to jump off of buildings. He actually asked me why my career is not like Bruce Willis. I’m like, ‘I’m trying to connect with the audience, Dad!’ He’s just like, ‘No, no, jump off a building, and then you’re a star.’ Once they see the action, you watch Attack the Block, and it was kind of like, first film, I see you doing a bit of action, he was like, ‘yeah, oh yeah, he’s going to be my action star son.’

He continued: "And then I started doing all these emotional in-depth character arc movies, and he’s like ‘ugh, oh character, artists.’ Die Hard is what he enjoys. [Bruce Willis] that's his guy. So Bruce Willis is who my dad compares my career to at every single point, it's Bruce Willis."

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I mean, Boyega appeared in three Star Wars films which is essentially Diehard but in space, right? Kidding aside, it's great that Boyega gets to showcase his acting talent in various projects and while I would also love to see him return to doing more action-packed films, I'm pretty sure he wants to avoid getting stereotyped in such roles.

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