Joe Manganiello Appears On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Just To Discuss Dungeons And Dragons

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DC Extended Universe's Deadshot star Joe Manganiello is a big Dungeons and Dragons gamer, and now it looks like he's an endorser for the game too.

Popping up in last night's The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Manganiello decided to talk about Dungeons and Dragons, admitting on live-television his deep love and history with the fantasy tabletop role-playing game.


For those who aren't familiar with Manganiello's life as a Dungeons and Dragons player, the actor is a long-time fan of the game. Not only has he claimed that he's been playing the game while growing up, but he's also made multiple appearances on different D&D streaming shows over the years.

Last year, Manganiello joined the guys behind Geek and Sundry to guest star in the YouTube channel's show, CelebriD&D. Last week, the DCEU star welcomed the guys behind D&D beyond to his little Dungeons and Dragons cave ( a beautiful wine-cellar-turned-gaming-room) in his home in Beverly Hills, showing off his DND display and his custom furniture.

This episode of Late Night With Stephen Colbert is the very first time that Dungeons and Dragons gets a heavily detailed discussion on late night television, and it's amazing to see Colbert and Manganiello talking with so much enthusiasm about different elements of the game like the alignment system (lawful evil, lawful good, etc), the class of a character, and the edition of the game they're playing. The two go on geeking out throughout the entire episode, ending the interview with Manganiello inviting Colbert to play D&D with him in the future. Hopefully, this could mean more Dungeons and Dragons on The Late Show soon!

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