06 Aug 2018 2:39 PM +00:00 UTC

Terry Crews Is Intense Playing Dungeons And Dragons

image credit: youtube/geek&sundry

Terry Crews isn’t just Deadpool 2’s Bedlam, he’s also a Hollywood celebrity slowly transforming into a certified geek.

Not only has the popular actor and former American football player built a high powered gaming PC together with his son, but it seems like he’s also taken to Dungeons and Dragons, the fantasy tabletop role-playing game that’s been loved and played by geeks since it was first published in 1974.


Playing with the guys behind Geek and Sundry, Terry Crews fights for the horde by playing as Thodak the Blacksmith in a cool World of Warcraft-themed episode of the YouTube channel’s CelebriD&D.

With the channel’s Matt Mercer serving as the Dungeon Master of the episode, Crews plays together with Ashly Burch, Troy Baker, Jessica Chobot, Marisha Ray and Taliesin Jaffe in a Dungeons and Dragons session last for more than two hours.

Check it out down here:

Crews isn’t the only action star to join Geek and Sundry’s CelebriD&D. The channel also had Vin Diesel for one DnD session, and they also had DCEU’s Joe Manganiello and John Bradley too. Like the other celebrities to join them, Crews gets deep into the game, threatening to crush skulls as the Mad Orc Warrior, Thodak the Blacksmith. Crews certainly knows how to immerse in a session of DND, and we can’t help but wonder what other characters we might see him playing in the future.

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