Joaquin Phoenix Reveals Arthur Fleck's Best Moment was Cut From Joker

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There is probably nothing that fans would want to change about Joker. However, Joaquin Phoenix has just revealed that Arthur Fleck's best moment was not featured in the DC film.

Phoenix shared some interesting details while accepting Variety's Creative Impact in Directing Award at the Palm Springs Film Festival (via Comicbook). During his speech, the Gladiator actor praised director Todd Phillips and revealed that there is one key scene that didn't quite end up in the Warner Bros. movie.

"He always encouraged me to fail, which I did a lot. A few weeks into shooting I think it became unbearable for him and we were shooting a scene, it was like the fourth take, and I said well that's about...I don't know what else I can do...that was all the ideas I have', and he said 'I think you should try another one'. I said 'okay', so I tried another one and basically just did some more bulls--t, and he said 'I think you should try another one'," Phoenix shared.


Interestingly, Phoenix decided to do something truly different since Phillips "wasn't specific" with the instruction.

"I think he knew that I had to find it on my own, and I just decided to stop all of my actor-y stuff and just to listen to the other actor and to just be aware of the space that I was in and we did this take and it felt really good, and he came out and said 'that was a good take'. I said 'yeah, it felt good to me'. He said 'what was that', and I said 'sincerity'. And he said 'well you should be sincere more often,'" Phoenix continued.

It sounds like Phillips truly got something impressive from Phoenix. Unfortunately, we may never be able to see this particular performance.

"It was a scene that was ultimately cut out of the movie but it ended up being kind of the most important scene in the movie because it helped me find sincerity," Phoenix concluded.

Although we're disappointed that we won't be able to see a "sincere" performance from Phoenix, it's great to know that working on the scene probably helped turn Joker into the amazing hit that it is today.

Joker is currently up for several Golden Globes including Best Actor and Best Film.

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