08 Feb 2018 2:18 PM +00:00 UTC

Joaquin Phoenix Front-runner For Joker Solo Movie

It looks like Leonardo DiCaprio is out and Joaquin Phoenix is the new frontrunner for the long-rumored Joker solo movie. According to Variety, Phoenix is in talks to play as Batman's nemesis for Todd Phillips' solo film, which will not be connected to the current DCEU. Talks of this film have died down a bit, so suddenly seeing a big-name star up for this big role has got many fans talking.

Reports state that negotiations haven't started yet but Phoenix has supposedly agreed to the role. Director Todd Phillips has also made it clear that he would want to have Phoenix play as the Clown Prince of Crime. If these stories are true, fans will want to see these negotiations go well since Phoenix is a talented actor and The Joker continues to be one of the more intriguing foes in the DC universe.

The film will supposedly kickstart a new branch of DC films that focus on self-contained stories, rather than build up a cinematic universe. Fans have dubbed this potential studio as Elseworlds, one of DC's most popular imprints that let creators take existing characters and tell brand new stories that the main cannon wouldn't allow. While it's doubtful that we'll be seeing Batman as a Green Lantern anytime soon, having the freedom to tell self-contained superhero stories would be great.

Currently, there is still no release date for this Joker film.

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